Fix your erectile dysfunction now!

Nothing is worse than not being able to do something you love, all guys love sex, right?!  Erectile dysfunction is one of the worst things to fuck with your life, at any age.

Studies show that moderate to vigorous aerobic exercises can improve erectile dysfunction and increase your fitness level at the same time.  There are, of course, more causes for ED, one being psychological because of stress, anxiety or depression and should therefore potentially be treated by a psychologist or a counselor.

One of the biggest factor in the fight against ED is to combine physical exercises with stimulating factors that trigger your mood for having sex.  This is where artificial intelligence sex dolls come to play; imagine having a “workout” schedule where you fuck a warmed up sex robot in the shape of a beautiful and sexy young woman.  Imagine being able to shift to between positions where while she cheers you on, moans for more and asks for your cum.

Sounds pretty good, doesn´t it?  Just remember to drink water, eat healthily, get enough rest, and the training might do wonders for you.

The Count,