Is your lack of sex killing you? - Realdreamdoll to the rescue!

There´s no denying it, people are getting more overweight, subscribed medicine for depression has skyrocketed, premature deaths are like an epidemic and people claim loss of purpose all over the world.

Your body is designed to move, period.  And when your fitness level decreases because of increased weight, it´s very likely that you stop moving.  This is where the downward spiral gets its energy; increased weight, less movement, increased weight, less movement, motivation killed, and living an active life becomes something that you see through crappy TV shows.

DON´T STOP FUCKING!  Let´s say this again: DON´T STOP FUCKING!  Let´s put most of the obvious things aside (one being that putting your dick in everything that moves is so good), and focus on the simple health benefits.

  • Boosts immune system.  Sexually active people take less sick days, and sex creates a higher level of antibody.

  • Boosts libido.  Having sex will make sex better and improve libido.

  • Improves bladder control.  Good sex is like a workout (yes, a workout) for you pelvic-floor muscles.

  • Sex counts as exercise.  Counts as five calories per minute so hit that thing hard for fifteen minutes.

  • Sex defends against heart attack.  Yes, it raises your heart rate and keeps those estrogen and testosterone levels in balance.

  • Hit that orgasm and stay away from pain killers.  Fucking creates stimulation and relaxation.

  • Ejaculating wards off prostate cancer.  That´s right, keep your system active and cum at least four times a week.

  • Improves sleep and keeps you relaxed.  Nuff said!

Keep your health in line, fuck your amazing realdreamdoll sex robot and value the health benefits.  Plus, it´s soo good to feel that firm and tight body in your hands, go on, buy one and get humping!

The Count,