Loneliness isn´t just common, it´s an epidemic!

We as humans thrive on interaction.  In recent times, however, direct interactions between people (that´s where people talk to each other, in person) have been on a downhill, and who are scraping the bottom, young people.

Teenagers today are far more likely to be depressed and feel alone, official statistics (available all over the internet) state that this social dilemma is becoming as serious as a heart attack.  People are becoming isolated, many people have lost their social skills and feel threatened if confronted with the simplest task of just walking to someone to start a conversation.

Artificial intelligence might be one of the factors that could bring people back, machines have in some cases taken the role of a companion, to create a sense of togetherness and interact in a modest way.  We are the sum of the experience we attain throughout time, we develop habits through the experience, and talking to someone might be the clear way out of loneliness, even if that someone is a robot.

We all knew the day would come where humans would cross path with a.i., the best way to feel about it is to embrace it, use it, connect and dig ourselves out of loneliness and into self-confidence.  Of course, it does,nt hurt if you’re a.i. companion is in the shape of a gorgeous woman, AND, it´s absolutely amazing if you can even program her answers and attitude towards how you talk to her.  That´s right; you can program your real dreamdoll to beg you to fuck her no matter what you say to her.

The Count,