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Fix your erectile dysfunction now!

Nothing is worse than not being able to do something you love, all guys love sex, right?!  Erectile dysfunction is one of the worst things to fuck with your life, at any age. Studies show that moderate to vigorous aerobic exercises can improve erectile dysfunction and increase your fitness level at the same time.  There are, of course, more causes for ED, one being psychological because of stress, anxiety or depression and should therefore potentially be treated by a psychologist or a counselor. One of the biggest factor in the fight against ED is to combine physical exercises with stimulating factors that trigger your mood for having sex.  This is where artificial intelligence sex dolls come to play; imagine having...

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Loneliness isn´t just common, it´s an epidemic!

We as humans thrive on interaction.  In recent times, however, direct interactions between people (that´s where people talk to each other, in person) have been on a downhill, and who are scraping the bottom, young people. Teenagers today are far more likely to be depressed and feel alone, official statistics (available all over the internet) state that this social dilemma is becoming as serious as a heart attack.  People are becoming isolated, many people have lost their social skills and feel threatened if confronted with the simplest task of just walking to someone to start a conversation. Artificial intelligence might be one of the factors that could bring people back, machines have in some cases taken the role of a...

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Is your lack of sex killing you? - Realdreamdoll to the rescue!

There´s no denying it, people are getting more overweight, subscribed medicine for depression has skyrocketed, premature deaths are like an epidemic and people claim loss of purpose all over the world. Your body is designed to move, period.  And when your fitness level decreases because of increased weight, it´s very likely that you stop moving.  This is where the downward spiral gets its energy; increased weight, less movement, increased weight, less movement, motivation killed, and living an active life becomes something that you see through crappy TV shows. DON´T STOP FUCKING!  Let´s say this again: DON´T STOP FUCKING!  Let´s put most of the obvious things aside (one being that putting your dick in everything that moves is so good), and...

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